Camera Trial and New Collection Box

Camera Trial performance today using 3 GoPro Cameras. One positioned inside my pedal board at my feet pointing up at me (bottom left), the other two attached to a stand behind me. One positioned pointing towards the audience space, just over my head the other very high up point down giving an aerial shot of myself and the donation box.

Video Trial

The videos were shot in 4K which has turned out to be problematic to process. The GoPro also is recording 10 mins max before starting a new file.

The camera position at my feet, which was intended as the primary camera angle to record the performance, needs to be relocated. (Watch this space)

ADDED (Dec 2nd): Having taken some time considering the camera relocation, I will be exploring two alternatives or even possibly relocating two cameras. Camera obscurity is key to a natural response by the audience. In the trail, while I had a twenty or so people come up to me, no one acknowledged the cameras. 

Alternate Placement 1: I spotted a video on YouTube where the player actually attached the camera on a flexible arm to the head of the guitar this worked well.

Placing the camera on an arm on the guitar head may be too prominent.

Alternate Placement 2: Alternatively I have also been thinking about repositioning the camera a little further away from me and higher up in an attempt to record what the audience sees. To move the camera away from me it need to come out of its hiding place in the pedal box. I have some merchandise (CD’s, Badges, Stickers), I’m thinking the camera could be obscured by this.

Exhausted the batteries of all three cameras with continuous recording of some of the setup and all the performance, collectively spanning just under 2 hours. Donations collected amount to £39.26 – Money donated to GIST Cancer Research.

Side Street Busking Location Stafford

The new collection box worked well. Very clear for audience to see where to make donations and the box itself did not obscure the amplified which was an issue with the last performance using the traditional guitar case.